Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Book Published

MY FIRST BOOK just published today!! 

Words cant tell how excited I am right now. This is a huge milestone for my career.Anyway, this is a children's novel based on the well-known historical fortress, The Eternal Golden Castle (億載金城) in Tainan. This is an adventurous story in which tells of a boy that's able to see spooks from the past, and later got involved with a series of risky incidents in the fortress. 

The book is already behind schedule when I started the drawing. Not to mention that I also works full-time as a graphic designer in the morning, so I got limited time when accepting the job. Everything went quite smooth in the beginning,  until it comes to the deadline where we were still unable to reach a satisfying level in the coloring of the cover.I discussed with ZH Publishing and eventually willing to let them do the coloring. 

So what you see above is the coloring done by ZH Publishing. 
Story by 廖炳昆 / Illustration by 吳善琪 Rickie Wu

Story by 廖炳昆 / Illustration by 吳善琪 Rickie Wu

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