Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shark fin and sichuan pepper

It was last Christmas, when I'd just quit my last job and was anxious in looking for the next one. I took my chance and applied for the job as an editorial designer at Reader's Digest. The whole interviewing went quite smooth and we had a lot of friendly interactions (I suppose....). When the meeting ends, I was so confident of getting the position until the result turned out to be disappointing.
Anyway, it was not until some days ago that I got a letter from the magazine's designer (the job which I intend to be...  ), asking me if I am willing to do a cover-illustration for their column.  While felt both surprised but overjoyed, I still instantly accepted the case. 

May it be a simple coincidence or luck, I still am very happy that I got the chance to work with Reader's Digest in the end.

The column is an excerpt from the famous book "Shark fin and sichuan pepper" , a story of a British girl who went to China to learn their cookery. 

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