Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daily Inspirations 0524

Elmo Almighty / 2012.5.24
Since when can a TV show puppet become more than an entertainment figure?

A couple was caught the other day in Taoyuan for claiming that the famous Sesame icon, Elmo is the descendant of the gods,  and had been using "it" to scam innocent believers for money. The two had by far succeed to fraud over forty million NT dollars.

I must say this is by far one of the most funniest news I've ever heard. Where's Cooking Monster than ?


  1. Wow. And I thought the Nigerian and Jamaican scams had me scratching my head in a, "How do people fall for this?!" manner.

  2. I haven't got the slightest idea, and you know what's worse? Stories like these is absurdly "common" in Taiwan.